About Us

About US

We learn a lot of things that are relevant for our academic curriculum or job. We learn things that will give us an edge in our careers. But what about the things that we have always wanted to learn which are not linked to our jobs or studies? PAL is a platform that provides learners an option to learn something that they really WANT. The things that might not be a part of their CV but that enriches their mind and soul. Also, we strongly believe that within every person there’s an educator, and a learner. Therefore, we are providing a platform to build a strong learner community where people can learn from each other.


Key Features

Expert Educators meet Passionate Learners

Ease of Operations

  • Focus only on Teaching
  • One Portal for all your Teaching Need
  • Structure your courses as per Learner's need

Increased reach

  • Increased visibility to Online Portal
  • Engage learners through Offline courses 
  • Dedicated support to create offline courses 

Access to all Courses

  • Learn what you want to learn
  • Access to courses from other streams and educators 
  • Learn at your own pace and time with Offline courses 

Local Content

  • Local content created with Global standards
  • Classes and contents in local languages 
  • Review by expert trainers to ensure quality